All-In-One, One-For-All

Musketeer originated as a way for my father to update his website and track finances for his used car business.  He had limited time and limited tech knowledge so every operation had to be efficient and simple.  We maintain this standard by providing only the services you need and designed in a way with minimal learning curve.  By combining many existing business softwares into one, you will never find yourself typing something in twice with Musketeer.  Ultimately this saves you time and money so that you can get back to what makes you money.


Ten minutes a day will save you the cost of throwing a shoe box of receipts at your accountant, receive payment faster and make social media for a business a breeze.  All while being as simple to do as making a PB&J sandwich.


Below is a screen shot of what you will see when you log into Musketeer

Why did we name this software Musketeer?


Most people are familiar with the novel by Alexandre Dumas where we took the inspiration.  The musketeers are known for working together to achieve great things.

Four Hundred and Four

Peterborough, ON


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